Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. There’s not too many of us!

  • Lives in Scottsdale, AZ. ​
  • I’m spatially gifted. Ok, I made this term up however, I can measure space by eyeing it and could win awards with car and suitcase packing abilities. ​
  • I volunteer at Hospice of the Valley every week. ​
  • Worked as a Sports Announcer after college. ​
  • Owned a Wedding and Event planning company for 15 years. Based in Scottsdale, I specialized in planning luxury weddings and unique events. ​
  • I have a photographic memory. ​
  • I’ve been to over 80 Dave Matthews Band shows. (Bandaid, not groupie)! ​
  • I started O.C.D (Organize. Create. Design) because everyone can benefit from organization. I believe that while space should serve as function, style should never be compromised. It is our mission to create systems that work and continue to work.

“Order comes naturally to me. I have called myself “spatially gifted” from a young age.”