Back to Basics

When people find out I’m an organizer, their first reaction is, “How fun! I bet your house is so organized.”  (That will be a future post). Second reaction,  “Ugh…I wish I could afford to have you come and do my house!”

While Instagram inspires us all to create spaces that are organized, clean and styled, it doesn’t  always paint a realistic picture for viewers.  We are guilty of showcasing some of our most over-the-top projects however, we don’t have to clear out The Container Store for every project.

When beginning any project, we take inventory of all items available for us to use.  For this pantry, our client had a ton of baskets (yes! mismatched still look great) from different rooms in her house.  She also had some great clear cereal containers we were able to use.   While not all items are the same, she was still able to get a pantry that looks as good as a “new” pantry and one that is easy to maintain.

Most organizers charge by the hour so when you have your consult  it is a good idea to share all of the products you have so buying new products won’t take too much extra time.  The more money you save in one area = the more projects you can work on.  Fact:  Time is money.  Maximize it.

Don’t get discouraged and think you can’t afford to get organized.  You can’t afford not to.

Love + O.C.D,


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