Don’t Sweat… School is Back!

You’re either crying summer is over or you’re crying because school is starting. Either way, August is here and it’s time to get ready to send the kids back to school.  We are sharing our favorite tips to help you organize and prepare for the school year.

S.O.S (Sort. Organize. Simplify) Getting your kids to school on time is a struggle.  And the struggle is real.  Takeaway the “I don’t want to wear that” or “that doesn’t fit me anymore” and edit your kid’s closet before the school year starts. Make piles of keep, donate, trash. After your purge, sort clothes by style (tops, pants, skirts, dresses, etc.).  Last, arrange by color. Your closets will thank you.

The dog ate my homework.  Creating an area in the house dedicated for backpacks, homework ensures you know where they are, your kids know where they are and is another tool to keep things contained.  We like mudrooms and laundry rooms for this space.  Out of sight but not out of mind.

Channel your inner Martha.  Back to School shopping traditions are still a thing. You don’t have to give that up to get organized for the school year.  Pick up the staples (pens, pencils, glue, erasers, chalk), categorize and put in containers easy for your kids to access.  We love labeling (just about everything) so putting back is as easy as finding!

I hope these ideas give you some inspo to get ready for the school year and buy you a little extra time with your kids before school and after.

Love + O.C.D


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