Fall Refresh

Our recent pantry edit was like most pantries we see:  a lot of stuff, some good tools, but no rhyme or reason of where anything goes.  When you’re a family of 5, life happens.  Quickly.  Spaces get chaotic with clutter and life becomes complicated.  With the proper tools you can create spaces that work better for you, better for your family.

Our client had some of our favorite products (turntables and steps) but just wasn’t utilizing them to their best potential.

We first categorized all of the items: cans, jars, snacks, rice and pasta, baking goods and mixes.  We then used bins and baskets for storage to hold the bulkier and most accessed items.  Our client had amazing glass containers we used to store flour and sugar. Win!!!  We love when we can use products our clients already have.

Last, as always, we labeled.  Labeling reminds people where to find things but more importantly, where to put things.  While this pantry has a ton of countertop real estate, there no longer is a need for it.  Putting items in their new home will make YOUR home a better, happier place.

With Love + O.C.D,


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