Pantries are the most requested spaces to have organized.  They are one of the most frequently visited spaces in the home and without any order, can easily get out of control.  When organizing pantries for my clients, I like to create a space that not only functions well, but looks good.  These are my favorite go-to products.

Artisan Glass Canisters in Black

I love to use clear containers for snacks and baking ingredients.  Things just look so much better when they are out of bags!  Tip: add the expiration date on the back of the jar.

Linus Divided Turntable

Lazy susans are an absolute must in a pantry. There are a variety of styles like this one here.  We use them for  oils/vinegars and condiments but my favorite pantry hack is using the divided lazy susans for snacks and bars. They are a great way to maximize your space.

Cereal Dispensers

I always like to use cereal dispensers when possible. Getting rid of the boxes reduces the bulk on the shelf as well as allows you to see how much cereal is left in the box.  No more buying extra at the store…no more waste.

Hyacinth Storage Baskets

A common thread of organizers is baskets. We all use them. Why?  They are the best way to contain your items and give that store like feel.  I use baskets for just about everything:  food, party supplies, medicine, etc. With so many options available, you can find a style to go with your home aesthetic.

With an organized pantry, your family will know where to find things and (the best part), where to put things away.  With these suggested items you can create a pantry that functions for your entire family while looking beautiful.

Love + O.C.D,


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