Moving on UP.

We headed back to ASU this past weekend (GO DEVILS!!!) to help our client move into her dorm. It was not only a trip down memory lane, but a trip to see all the changes that have been made in the past 20 years. (I just dated myself…Yikes). So many memories flooded through me as I walked onto the campus. College was the best time so reliving it just for one day brought me right back.

Upon arrival, we were anticipating carrying boxes up four flights of stairs in the 100 degree temp and fighting the freshman crowds. Instead, we were greeted by smiling, helpful faces with boxes on rolling carts to carry things for us.

After drop off, we unpacked all of the boxes and sorted into categories.  Next, we measured the closet, under bed storage space, desks and bathroom.  We made a list of storage solutions we needed and headed to Target.

Three carts and hundreds of laughs later, we headed back to campus to organize.

With all of the right tools, we were able to transform the dorm room into a cute, functional room.  We used a craft cart in the “kitchen’ (i.e. the end of the bed) to hold food and dishes.

The new roommates discussed colors before move-in and went with matching bedding from Target. Seriously…where was this stuff 20 years ago?  So cute!

We had such a fun day working with the new Sun Devil and her family.  The day was a success!  Organizing your things before moving into a new space makes unpacking easier. Creating and Designing the environment is the fun part and with the proper tools, any space can become a home.

Congratulations to all of the students starting college.  Enjoy the next 4 years (stretch it to 5 if you can) and enjoy every second.  It goes by so fast!!!

Love + O.C.D,



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