New Year, New Beginnings!

Welcome to 2019! It has been a long time since I blogged last. Ok, it’s been a year! But just like you, I’m working on my New Year’s Resolutions and one that tops my list is blogging. I admittedly am not a reader of blogs, (I stick to IG) but I know from all the questions and DMs I get from you about my IG posts, there is an audience who wants to learn more about organizing. So let’s gets specific here. While my pictures are MOSTLY pretty (I try guys), I know many of you want to see the before and afters, get tutorials on “how-to” and really just be able to dive a little deeper into the organizing world. So..I’m writing my NY Resolution down and putting it out there in the Universe. I will work on blogging more and providing you with more #BTS of what goes on when we O.C.D a space.

To kick off January, which just so happens to be National Organization Month, I teamed up with a local designer/organizer extraordinaire to discuss all things organizing.

Meet Leslie Lehr from All Your Ducks In A Row.Leslie loves all things organizing, just like me! We met for lunch at one of our fav local restaurants, Twisted Grove and interviewed each other. While grubbing on yummy salmon salads, we had fun asking and answering a few q’s about organizing.

What are your favorite containers or storage solutions?

My favorite are the Hyacinth baskets because they are classic, timeless, and offer great storage. Clear acrylic containers for the pantry and canvas bins for kids.

Leslie: Clear acrylic and glass containers and canisters because they offer a stylish and functional solution. Hampton woven storage baskets and hyacinth are great for all areas of the home.

We both agree that function plus aesthetics creates an organized and stylish space. Of course we all want our spaces to look Instagram worthy but it is just as important to have them function!

What is your favorite Label and Label Maker?

My go to’s are the Brother P- Touch, bin clips for baskets, and sharpie paint pen for acrylic containers. The Sharpie paint pens don’t rub off like the chalkboard markers do. Tip: Use rubbing alcohol to erase and reuse!

Leslie: Brother P- Touch, chalkboard labels for containers and baskets. I recently started to use a natural paper tags with a white sharpie pen and love the fresh look.

What is your favorite store for supplies?

We both love The Container Store, Home Goods and Leslie’s go to place is Target.

To keep your life organized and efficient, what is your favorite apps?

I don’t use any organization apps (GASP) but my favorite app for editing is A Color Story to make all of my not so pretty pictures come to life.

Leslie: Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts, PrimeNow for Whole Foods grocery delivery, and Starbucks for coffee orders.

Do you follow the rule of one?

My answer to this is simplicity wins every time! We live in a world of such excess as it is that I like to keep the things as simple as possible. One pair of great sunglasses (I’ll wear the same pair for a couple of years) one luxury handbag for everyday. I typically change out my bags every season and save the fun ones for my clutches when going out.

Leslie: One pair sunglasses, my Cartier watch, and Louis Vuitton Tote for everyday.

What is your favorite camera for your blog and Instagram photos?

I love my Canon Professional Rebel camera but for work I take all of my photos on my iPhone.

Leslie: I carry my Canon G9 because everywhere, it fits in my purse and captures high quality photos. On the weekends I use my Nikon DX to capture photos of my daughter on the soccer field.

What are some simple tips to stay organized?

I really think being organized is as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning. Clean as you go and you will never have a mess. For example make bed each morning, sort through the mail daily, put away dry cleaning, put dishes in dishwasher immediately and clean as you bake.

Leslie: I also follow the rule of clean as you go. I have paper towels, window cleaner, and Lysol in each bathroom for quick clean up when necessary. I always unpack and clean all of my groceries when I return from the store. For example all produce is washed and properly stored immediately.

One of our favorite tips we both use in our own life is keeping our reusable shopping bags in the car. That way when you go to the market, your bags are always ready to go. One less thing to add clutter to the inside of your home

What are your favorite tools for efficient shopping?

If you follow my stories you know I’m obsessed with Instacart and Fry’s Click List. I am a huge believer of time management so anything to save time in the day, only adds more time for me to do the things I love.

Leslie: Prime Now

What is your motto to organized living?

Ashley: My goal is to create a custom system that work and continue to work in the future. I specialize in creating environments that are organized and styled to meet individual needs. From closets to kitchens, bedrooms to garages. I create systems that work.

Leslie: All Your Ducks In A Row provides organized lifestyle solutions for home + office. Tidy solutions for the areas you use the most by providing style + function. I love to provide inspiring ideas on my blog and Instagram.

In addition to our shared commitment to organized living, we are both passionate about giving back to our community. We both are involved in the Valley with volunteering our time and sitting on committees.

I was brought up to serve the community, I am involved in Hospice of the Valley because of grandmother. The Sherman House was donated by my grandmother, a house to provide comfort for families and patients in honor of her parents, Minnie and Armond Sherman. My grandmother wanted the house to reflect a welcoming and comforting place for patients and their families. I am so proud walking in the door every Tuesday at the Sherman Home to know I’m carrying on the tradition of giving back and serving my community like my Great Grandparents and grandma.

This year, I became a Wish Granter with Make A Wish and have been a committee member of the Wish Ball for 3 years. I also am proud to be a committee member of Gigi’s Playhouse and donate my organizing services to pretty much any organization that asks!

Leslie: I learned from my parents, aunts, and grandparents the importance of servicing the community. Since moving to Phoenix in 2014 I have served on the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Beach Ball committee. Recently I became a member of the Phoenix Women’s Board of the Steele Children’s Research Center.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

This is one of my favorite questions! I love when my clients express that my services positively changed their life and made everyday life easier. I know we have made a difference and that makes me happy!

Leslie: When my clients express how happy, stress free, energized, and efficient my service have made them feel.

It was such a pleasure to sit down with Leslie and learn more about her story. I am so happy to have another local organizer here in the Valley I can call my friend.

Happy New Year to you! Let’s get to organizing!

With Love + O.C.D,


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