S.O.S with Sortly.

S.O.S (Sort. Organize. Simplify).  This is how we O.C.D every space.  This past week we have been moving our clients into their new home and to help us S.O.S, we tried a new app called, Sortly.  The Sortly app helps anyone who is looking to get organized. The app is like the “cloud” for all of your possessions.  You can store pictures of your items, label them, and put into categories and folders, so you know where you can find your items. The app is for inventory, organizing and moving support, so we wanted to take it for a drive and see how it could help us with our move.

Before packing the boxes, we took pictures of the items being packed.

In the app, we created a folder for our client. Within the folder, we created subfolders for every room in the house. Labeling the boxes by rooms makes it easier for tracking boxes and for the movers to know where to unload the boxes.

Next, within each subfolder, we were able to “add items” by uploading a picture and labeling it.  Doing this ensures not only that the correct box is delivered to the appropriate room, but it also gives you a visual inventory of what is in your boxes.  Win Win!

The app comes with the option of printing labels.  Can we just say, our boxes looked legit with color coded labels identifying the area of the house they came from instead of using Sharpees.

The Sortly app helped us to be organized from the beginning to end.  Identifying items, categorizing and sorting into appropriate folders helped us and the movers know what to pack and where to unload. It is the perfect tool for people ready to start organizing.  You don’t have to be an expert, the app does it for you.

We like to think we are the most organized people on the planet.  But once we tried out the Sortly app, we quickly found out there are others out there…just like us.  Thank you Sortly for sorting this misconception out for us.

O.C.D + Sortly for the WIN.

You can download the Sortly app here:  http://www.apple.co/2gKU9k7


Love + O.C.D,


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