The O.C.D Uniform.

Organizing can be a dirty job.  Literally.  Whether we are sitting on the floor, knee deep in clothes or sorting through cereal boxes and expired food, comfort is important.  For me, it is important to get dressed for work everyday for a few different reasons.

1.  I like clothes.  Since I don’t have the ability to wear nice work clothes to work, I like to get dressed in items that still represent my style.

2.  Workout clothes are for the gym.  I’m sorry, but…not sorry.  While workout clothes can be cute (we love our Goldsheep), wearing them daily, out and about, is not.  Running errands is not a sport.  I think one hour a day in them is enough.

3.  Consistency.  Clothes are a reflection of you.  If I look sloppy, then my clients might think I am sloppy.  I want them to know I am going to treat their things just as good, if not better than how I treat mine. Our uniform consists of the basics except we have added our logo  to our shirts because  (A) we love our logo  (B) and it adds a level of professionalism.  We had ours made here.

You don’t have to compromise your style for comfort.  You can be basic, without being basic.

With Love + O.C.D,


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