When You Wish..

Every year we donate our services to The Make A Wish Foundation’s Silent Auction a their annual fundraiser, The Wish Ball.  This year, a family of 5 bid on the auction and had us O.C.D their pantry.

The family’s objectives were to be able to see what they have in the pantry and to separate food by age groups.  They have 3 kids and want to be able to cut prep time.  We began using our S.O.S system (Sort. Organize.Simplify) and took everything out.

While taking items out of the pantry, we categorized like items AND check expiration dates. We then sorted through items we bought at the Container Store and were ready to install.

Creating new space that functions was our objective for our client.  We used clear containers for the kids’ snacks/food and labeled by age. We used baskets to store bulkier items that don’t need to be as accessible.

We are grateful to Make A Wish for giving us opportunities to put smiles on people’s faces. We are thankful for all that you do!

Love + O.C.D,


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